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Silver Vine Arts is an Artist-led,  non-profit organisation run by Leila Houston,  Melissa Fletcher,  James Chantry, Zory Rubel, Courtney Askey, alongside associate members Khush Kali, Kerry Jackson, and an ever-growing group of individuals, each with their own creative practice.

Their origin began with Summer Art Trail 2014 where the organizers and volunteers shared a similar passion for supporting other artists. From there WTS Gallery was established where members organized and curated regular exhibitions for up-and-coming artists. Gaining more talented and hardworking creatives along the way, Silver Vine Arts runs and coordinates various creative events and fundraisers such as arts festival Summer Art Trail, Winter Footprints,  Points of departure, and their art stall The Forever changing Encounter Counter; and implementing training and employment opportunities for artists.

We are a nomadic organisation,  with no set venue and wish to remain as such. All our work and ethos is about moving from place, to place. When things are fresh each time, we believe it creates new creative challenges for us and brings fresh eyes to those that attend, however it also brings communities closer together should they attend each place we run an event.

Silver Vine Arts are very passionate about including all those that feel they are underrepresented in the arts - many of the organisers who are are very high up in their practice do exhibit with us but we will also open up the opportunity to the public to be part of each event.  We understand what it means to feel you belong!  

If you wish to become an associate member and make sure you are included in any opportunity that arises please email -

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