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Silver Vine Arts is looking to expand its contact database with paid opportunities for Leicestershire artists

If you are a practicing artist working in the field, we'd love to hear from you!
Particularly if you have experience in areas such as: coordination of projects, preparing and installing exhibitions, arts marketing and advertising, video and photo documenting, arts admin, community engagement and workshop delivery.

Many positions will be subject to funding, however you can opt in to assist on the run-up to making future projects happen. We are specifically looking for artists to come forward to work with us on a 3 day collaborative position with a fee of £200 a day.

As an organisation, our focus is to create opportunities for artists and creatives such as art festivals and exhibitions, residency programmes, artist open calls, and paid internships and training. We are opening this up to ensure fair and inclusive practice within our organisation.

All applications will be considered, but we encourage artists from under represented groups, such as: women, agender, black, asian and minority ethnic, and those who consider themselves to have a physical or mental disability.

For further information, contact

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