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Points of Departure

Points of Departure was coined by Leila Houston - artist, co-curator and director of Silver Vine Arts.

During a one-year residency at the Queen of Bradgate, Leila investigated and documented the derelict space. Silver Vine Arts also invited member artists, Anerki, Myoptik, Interact Digital Arts to alter it with art, performance and music.

Leila created a maze of paperwork from her work diary  comprised of all her thoughts and planning of her time at the space and discussions she had had during the number of events she had organized during her stay - many details would include those who were visiting or performing at the opening night. Digital triggers were positioned around the space with the assistance of Interact Digital Arts. Visitors would step on the triggers to reveal past community events and discussions. One recording was of Courtney Askey (artist & musician, co-curator at SVA)  singing in the space whilst empty showing a different element to what the space was like outside of the opening night.

points poster .jpeg
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