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Placement Volunteers:
Alison Allen / Jonjo Elliott / Francisca Sanchez / Siobhan Williams


Artist Volunteers:
Wayne Mitchelson / Indie Skyflower 


With special thanks for many months of hard work to Silver Vine Arts:
Leila Houston, Melissa Fletcher, Zory Rubel, Darren O’Brien, Ahmed Zormati, Rebecca Vials,
Francisca Sanchez, Dave Soden and David Wilson Clark.




Image credit Jonjo Elliott
Summer Art Trail 2015 is a journey between places around Leicester. Exhibitions and events were held across the city celebrating visual art, film, photography, installation, spoken word and music; and for 2015 was proudly included as part of Leicester's City Festival. 

Summer Art Trail highlights art organisations within Leicester, whilst supporting the local community, small independent businesses and showcasing local, national and international artists.

Summer Art Trail was devised and co-ordinated by Silver Vine Arts, a non-profit, artist led, community interest organisation whose mission is to enhance and highlight the arts within Leicester. Silver Vine Arts invited artwork to be submitted to Summer Art Trail 2015.  From 22nd - 30th August 2015 the work selected was exhibited across Leicester as part of Summer Art Trail. This event gave practising artists the opportunity to be a part of the trail and exhibit in: Leicester's thriving Cultural Quarter at LCB Depot, in the atmospheric top-floor rooms at The Queen of Bradgate and to exhibit in Leicester's prestigious and historic New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. Submissions were welcomed from all artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, film, sound, projection, live art and design of the highest quality. 

Silver Vine Arts' main activities include: setting up galleries in unexpected areas, hosting internships, organising placements and helping to train graduates; enabling them to secure paid employment. 



Selected exhibiting artists


Clair Robins, Claudia Shih, Courtney Askey, Edward Collinson, Hannah Thornton, Harumi Foster, Lisa Mitchell, Michelle Harrison, Mike turner, Miranda Booth , Ramona Zoladek, Rebecca Hobbs, Rhianne Burgess, Sandra Cross, Sonya Davies, Dave Monaghan, Jon Klein, Steve B Robinson, Su Ansell, Sumiko Eadon, Tim Neath, Matthew Vaughn, Leila Houston, Darren O Brian, Francisca Sanchez, Siobhan Williams, Jonjo Elliott, Alison Allen, Leila Galloway, Maureen Forde, Mitchell Watson, Sumiko Eadon, David Soden, Bianca Beneduci Assad, Cisca Collins, Daniele Bongiovanni, Georgina Pollack, Jo Keogh, Ramona Zoladek, Robert Wilson, Sejal Patel. 

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